• S.1 There is a Site Development Plan, ang program of implementation.
  • S.2. The Campus has accessible good roads and pathways.
  • S.3. The campus is in a well-planned , clean and properly landscaped environment.
  • S.4. There is a system to ensure that all of the following are provided:
    • S.4.1. traffic safety in and outside the campus;
    • S.4.2. waste management program;
    • S.4.3. proper utilization , repair and upkeep of school facilities and equipment; and
    • S.4.4. cleanliness and orderliness of the school campus.
  • S.5. An area for outdoor educational activities, e.g. social, physical, athletic, cultural, military training, etc. Exists.
  • S.6. There is a campus security unit that ensures safety of the academic community.


  • I.1. The site infrastructure development plan is implemented as planned.
  • I.2. The site plan is strategically displayed inside the campus indicating the location of the different buildings, driveways, parking areas, etc.
  • I.3. The infrasctructure development plan is implemented in accordance with approved zoning ordinances.
  • I.4. Covered walks are provided to protect the academic community from inclement weather.
  • I.5. The institution implements a Waste Management Program.
  • I.6. The Maintenance Unit or its equivalent periodically inspects school facilities and equipment to ensure their proper utilization and upkeep.


  • O.1. The Campus environment is conducive to all educational activities.
  • O.2. The site can accommodate its present school population and future expansion.
  • O.3. The campus is safe and well-maintained.
  • O.4. The campus is well-planned, clean and properly landscaped.