• S.1. There is an institutional Human Resources Development Plan/Program designed for the faculty recruitment.


  • I.1. Recruitment and selection of the faculty is processed by the Faculty Selection Board using the following criteria:
    • Mandatory
      • I.1.1. academic qualifications;
      • I.1.2. personal qualities;
      • I.1.3. communication skills;
      • I.1.4. teaching ability;
      • I.1.5. medical examination results;
        I.1.6. psychological examination results;
    • Optional
      • I.1.7. relevant professional experience; (if any);
      • I.1.8. previous record of employment; (if any);
      • I.1.9. technical/special skills & abilities; and
      • I.1.10. previous performance rating. (if any)
  • I.2. The hiring system adopts an open competitive selection, based on the CSC-approved Merit System and Promotion Plan of the institution published and well-dissemenated through various means of communication:
    • I.2.1. print media (newspaper, flyers, CSC Bulletin of vacant positions);
    • I.2.2. broadcast media (TV, radio);
    • I.2.3. website;
    • I.2.4. bulletin boards; and
    • I.2.5. others (please specify) ____________
  • I.3. A Screening Committee selects and recommends the best and most qualified applicant.
  • I.4. Measures to avoid professional in-breeding are observed.
  • I.5. The institution conducts orientation for newly-hired faculty on its vision and mission ,CSC, PRC, DBM, and administration policies on their duties and responsibilities, benefits and other academic concerns.


  • O.1. The most qualified faculty are selected.