• S.1. There are policies on management of learning which includes the following:
    • S.1.1. students’ attendance in class and other academic activities;
    • S.1.2. schedule of classes;
    • S.1.3. students’ discipline; and
    • S.1.4. maintenance of cleanliness and orderliness.


  • I.1. The policies on management of learning are enforced.
  • I.2. Student activities are well-planned and implemented.
  • I.3. Assignments are designed to reinforce teaching which results to students maximum learning.
  • I.4. The maximum class size of 50 for undergraduate courses is enforced.
  • I.5. Classrooms discipline is maintained in consonance with democratic practices.
  • I.6 The class officers and assigned students assist in maintaining cleanliness of classroom, laboratories, corridors and the school campus.
  • I.7. Independent work and performance are encouraged and monitored in the following:
    • I.7.1. case studies/reports;
    • I.7.2. thesis/plant visit/practicum; and
    • I.7.3. other (please specify)_______________.
    • I.8. In practicum courses, (field study, OJT, practice teaching, etc.) the number of trainees supervised by each coordinator does not exceed 50.


  • O.1. Learning is efficiently and effectively managed.