• S.1. The institution has a Student Center with supplies and materials.
  • S.2. Policies and guidance on the proper utilization of Student Center are in place.
  • S.3. The student Center is well-lighted and ventilated.
  • S.4. A conference room is available for student’s use.
  • S.5. There are facilities and equipment for table games, music appreciation, and TV or video viewing.
  • S.6. Clean and sanitary toilets, for men separate from those of women are available.
  • S.7. Toilet fixtures for students with special needs from PWD’s are provided.
  • S.8. There are offices for student leaders, the editorial staff of the student publication and the officers of other student organizations.


  • I.1. Student activities at the Student Center are regularly conducted and monitored.
  • I.2. The Student Center is properly maintained.


  • O.1. The Student Center is fully equipped and functional.