• S.1. There are dormitories and housing facilities for students, faculty and staff.
  • S.2. There is an implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) for in-campus housing services.
  • S.3. There is a system of coordinating with the LGU’s on privately owned boarding houses.


  • I.1. The housing facilities functionally designed.
  • I.2. The housing facilities and surroundings are properly maintained and monitored.
  • I.3. The IRR on housing services is strictly followed(e.g. Dormitory fees, etc.).
  • I.4. The institution coordinates with LGU’s and owners of private boarding houses.


  • O.1. The housing facilities are safe, habitable and well-maintained.
  • O.2. There is wholesome coordination among the institution, the LGU’s and the owners of private boarding houses.