• S.1. The library has staff with the following qualifications.
    • S.1.1. BS in Library and Information Science for the College/Academic Unit Library; and
    • S.1.2. MS in Library and Information Science or MAED/MA in Library Science) for the institution.
  • S.2. The library meets the required number of qualified and licensed librarians and staff to meet the needs of the school population with the ratio of:
    • S.2.1. one(1) Licensed Librarian with two (2) full time staff for the first 500-student population; and
    • S.2.2. one(1) additional full time Professional Librarian with one (1) full time staff for every additional 1,000 students.
  • S.3. There is a continuing staff development program with the corresponding financial assistance from the institution.


  • I.1. The library staff compensation, retirement, and fringe benefits, as well as other privelege, are granted in accordance with existing government laws and institutional policies.


  • O.1. The librarians are qualified.