• S.1. The buildings meet all requirements of the Building Code. A Certificate of Occupancy for each building is conspicuously displayed.
  • S.2. The buildings are constructed according to their respective uses.
  • S.3. The buildings are well-planned and appropriately located to provide for future expansion.
  • S.4. Entry and exit points permit the use of the buildings for public and other functions with minimum interference to school activities.
  • S.5. Emergency exits are provided and properly marked.
  • S.6. The buildings are equipped with emergency/fire escapes which are readily accessible.
  • S.7. The corridors, doorways, and alleys are well-constructed for better mobility.
  • S.8. The buildings are well-ventilated and lighted.
  • S.9. The buildings have facilities for persons with disability (PWDs) as provided by law.
  • S.10. There is a central signal and fire alam system.
  • S.11. There are readily accessible and functional fire extinguishers and other fire-fighting equipment.
  • S.12. Bulletin boards, display boards, waste disposal containers and other amenities are strategically located inside the buildings.
  • S.13. There are faculty rooms and offices.
  • S.14. The buildings are insured.


  • I.1. The buildings are clean, well-maintained and free from vandalistic acts.
  • I.2. Toilets are clean and well-maintained.
  • I.3. Electrical lines are safety installed and periodically checked.
  • I.4. Water facilities are functional and well-distributed in all buildings.
  • I.5. There is a periodic portability testing of drinking water.
  • I.6. Floor plans indicating fire exits and location of fire fighting equipment, stand pipes , and other water resources are conspicuously displayed in each building.
  • I.7. All school facilities are periodically subjected to pest control and inspection.
  • I.8. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the campus.
  • I.9. Periodic drill on disaster and risk reduction (earthquake, flood, fire etc.) is conducted.


  • O.1. The buildings and other facilities are safe, well-maintained and functional.