• S.1. Faculty-student ratio is in accordance with the program requirements and standards as follows:
    • S.1.1. lecture (1:40), maximum of 1:50; and
    • S.1.2. laboratory (1:25), maximum of 1:30.
  • S.2. There is a provision for incentives for overload teaching in accordance with the CMO of the program and/or institutional guidelines.
  • S.3. There are full-time faculty classified by rank, subject/specialization.
  • S.4. Faculty schedule has time for preparation of lessons, scoring of test papers, record-keeping, class evaluation and other instruction-related activities.
  • S.5. Workload Guidelines contain sufficient time for teaching and/or research, extension, production and other assigned tasks.
  • S.6. There is equitable, measurable and fair distribution of teaching load and other assignments.


  • I.1. The maximum total load is assigned to a regular full-time faculty in accordance to the CMO of the program and institutional guidelines.
  • I.2. A Faculty Manual is published formalizing faculty policies, standards and guidelines.
  • I.3. Professional subjects are handled by specialists in the discipline/program.
  • I.4. The faculty are assigned to teach their major/minor fields of specialization for a maximum of four (4) different subject preparations with a semester.
  • I.5. Administrative arrangements are adopted whenever vacancies/leaves of fabsence occur during the term.
  • I.6. No less than 60% of the professional subjects in the Electrical Engineering program are handled by full-time faculty.
  • I.7. Teaching schedule does not allow more than six (6)- hours of continuous teaching
  • I.8. Administrative, research and/or professional assignment outside of regular teaching are given credits.
  • I.9. Consultation, tutorial, remedial classes, expert services, and other instruction-related activities are given credits in consonance with faculty workload guidelines.
  • I.10. Workload assignments and number of preparations follow existing workload guidelines.
  • I.11. A part-time engineering faculty has a maximum teaching load of 12 units.


  • O.1. The faculty are efficient and effective, with sufficient time for instruction, research, extension, production and other assigned tasks.