• S.1. The Library has information services pertinent to the institution’s requirements.


  • I.1. The following services/programs are provided:
    • I.1.1. functional and interactive library web page;
    • I.1.2. integrated library system;
    • I.1.3. on-line public access (OPAC);
    • I.1.4. circulation on-line;
    • I.1.5. computerized cataloging;
    • I.1.6. inventory reporting;
    • I.1.7. serials control;
    • I.1.8. internet searching;
    • I.1.9. CD-ROM;
    • I.1.10. on-line database;
    • I.1.11. photocopying; and
    • I.1.12. bar coding.
  • I.2. The library opens at least 54 hours per week for the College/Academic Unit or 60 hours per week for the institution.
  • I.3. The library promotes and disseminates its program through a regular announcement of its new acquisition of print materials(books, journals, magazines), resources, facilities, and services.
  • I.4. Librarians and staff are available during library hours to assist and provide library services.
  • I.5. Statistical data on the utilization of various resources and services are compiled and used to improve the library collection and operations.


  • O.1. The library services are efficiently and effectively provided.
  • O.2. The library users are satisfied with library services.