• S.1 The required number of faculty possesses graduate degrees appropriate and relevant to the Electrical Engineering program or any of the allied fields.
    • S.1.1. Registered Electrical Engineers (REE) pr Professional Electrical Engineers(PEE) with current PRC identification card; and
    • S.1.2. duly licensed.
  • S.2. Other qualifications such as the following are considered:
    • S.2.1. related professional experience;
    • S.2.2. licensure;
    • S.2.3. technical skills and competence, and
    • S.2.4. special abilities, computer literacy, reseach productivity.
  • S.3. Faculty handling OJT/practicum courses have had at least three(3) years of teaching and industry-based experience in the field.
  • S.4. At least 50% of the faculty are Graduate degrees holders.


  • I.1. The fauclty demonstrate professional competence and are engaged in any or a combination of the following:
    • I.1.1. instruction;
    • I.1.2. research;
    • I.1.3 extension
    • I.1.4. production;
    • I.1.5. consultancy and expert service; and
    • I.1.6. publication, creative and scholarly works.
  • I.2. The faculty pursue graduate degrees in Electrical Engineering and/or allied fields from reputable institutions(with at least Level II accreditation status or World/Asian rank).


  • O.1. The institution has qualified and competent faculty.