Location and site

  • S.1. The library is strategically located and accessible to students ,faculty and other clientele.
  • S.2. The library is systematically planned to allow future expansion.

Space Requirement

  • S.3. The size of the library meets standard requirements considering the present enrollment and future expansion.
  • S.4. The reading roo can accommodate at least 10% of the school enrollment at any given time.
  • S.5. Space is provided for print resources as well as work stations for electronic resources.
  • S.6. Space is provided for the librarian’s office, staff room, technical room, etc.
  • S.7. Ramps for the physically disabled as provided.

Furniture and Equipment

  • S.8. The library meets the required and standard-sized furniture and equipment.
  • S.9. The following library furniture and equipment are available:
    • S.9.1. adjustable/movable shelves;
    • S.9.2. magazine display shelves;
    • S.9.3. newspaper racks;
    • S.9.4. standard tables and chairs;
    • S.9.5. carrels for individual study;
    • S.9.6. desks and chairs for staff;
    • S.9.7. charging desk;
    • S.9.8. dictionary stand;
    • S.9.9. atlas stand;
    • S.9.10. bulletin boards and display cabinets;
    • S.9.11. vertical file cabinets;
    • S.9.12. book racks;
    • S.9.13. map stands/cabinets;
    • S.9.14. cardex/rotadex or any filing equipment for periodical records;
    • S.9.15. typerwriters;
    • S.9.16. computers with printers; and
    • S.9.17. other (please specify)________________.

Physical Provisions for Reading

  • S.10. The library is well lighted.
  • S.11. The library is well-ventilated.
  • S.12. The atmosphere is conducive to learning.


  • S.13. Fire extinguishers and a local fire alarm system are available.
  • S.14. The library employs a system for security and control of library resources.


  • I.1. IT Software and multi-media equipment are utilized.


  • O.1. The environment in the library is conducive to learning.
  • O.2. The library facilities are well-maintained and aesthetically designed.