• S.1. The institution has a system of promotion in rank and tenure based on official issuances.
  • S.2. The institution has a policy on probationary status of employment.
  • S.3. At least 50% of the full-time faculty teaching the professional courses are under permanent/regular status.


  • I.1. The institution implements the system of promotion in rank and salary based on existing policies and issuances (e.g. NBC 416).
  • I.2. Retirement, separation or termination benefits are implemented in accordance with institutional and government (CSC, GSIS/DBM) policies and guidelines.
  • I.3. The faculty are officially informed of their rank and tenure after evaluation of credentials and performance.
  • I.4. The faculty concerned is officially informed of the extension, renewal, or termination of their appointments.
  • I.5. The institution implements a CSC-approved Strategic Performance Management Plan (SPMS) which emphasizes quality teaching performance, research, creative work, extension and production services.
  • I.6 The probationary period or temporary status required before the grant of permanent status to the faculty is in accordance with civil Service and institutional policies and guidelines.


  • O.1. The faculty are satisfied with their rank and employment status.