• S.1 The institution has a system of determining its Vision and Mission.
  • S.2. The Vision clearly reflects what the Institution hopes to become in the future.
  • S.3. The Mission clearly reflects the Institution’s legal and other statutory mandates.
  • S.4. The Goals of College/ Academic Unit are consistent with the Mission of the Institution.
  • S.5. The Objectives have the expected outcomes in terms of competencies (Skills and Knowledge), values and other attributes of the graduates which include the development of;
    • S.5.1. technical skills in Electical Engineering;
    • S.5.2. research and extention capabilities;
    • S.5.3. student’s own ideas, desirable attitudes and personal discipline;
    • S.5.4. moral character;
    • S.5.5. critical , analytical, problem solving and other higher order thinking skills; and
    • S.5.6. aesthetic and cultural values.


  • I.1. The institution/ College conducts a review on the statement of the Vision and Mission as well as its goals and program objectives for the approval of authorities concerned.
  • I.2. The College/Academic Unit follows a system in formulating its goals and objectives of the program.
    I.3. The College/Academic Unit’s faculty, personnel, students and other stakeholders (cooperating agencies, linkages, alumni, industry sector and other concerned groups) participate in the formulation, review and/or revision of the VMGO.
    and other concerned groups) participates in the formulation, review and/or revision of the VMGO.


  • O.1. The VMGO are crafted and duly approved by the BOR/BOT.