• S.1. The institutions has a system a records keeping.  View PDF
  • S.2. The institution has policies and procedures to ensure the security and confidentiality of records.  View PDF
  • S.3. Policies and procedures on prompt release of records are in place.  View PDF
  • I.1. The institution maintains a Records Management Offices (RMO) manage by a qualified Records Officer.  View PDF
  • I.2. A records system is installed in offices where it allows easy access to information needed by concerned parties.  View PDF
  • I.3. The Human Resources Management Offices (HRMO) maintains accurate, up-to-date and systematically filed records of faculty and non-teaching personnel.  View PDF
  • I.4. The following updated record compilations are made available to concerned parties;
    1. I.4.1. minutes of the Board of Regents/Trustees meetings;  View PDF
    2. I.4.2. minutes of the faculty meetings, e.g. minutes of the Academic Council Meeting;  View PDF
    3. I.4.3. faculty/non-teaching personnel individual files;  View PDF
    4. I.4.4. faculty/non-teaching personnel performance evaluation; and  View PDF
    5. I.4.5. other records such us:
      1. I.4.5.1. student directory;  View PDF
      2. I.4.5.2. alumni directory; View PDF
      3. I.4.5.3. permanent records of students;  View PDF
      4. I.4.5.4. reports of Director/Dean;  View PDF
      5. I.4.5.5. annual reports;  View PDF
      6. I.4.5.6.accomplishment/progress reports;  View PDF
      7. I.4.5.7. scholarship records;  View PDF
      8. I.4.5.8. statistical data;  View PDF
      9. I.4.5.9. financial records of students;  View PDF
      10. I.4.5.10. inventory of property; and  View PDF
      11. I.4.5.11. proceedings of administrative investigation (if any). View PDF
      12. I.4.5.12. others (please specify)  View PDF
  • O.1. The institution has a commendable Records Management System. View PDF