• S.1. Function rooms for holding meetings, conferences, convocations and similar activities are sufficient.
  • S.2. Facilities for athletic sports, cultural activities, military training, etc. are accessible.
  • S.3. The seating capacity conforms to standards.
  • S.4. There are adequate and well-marked entry and exit points.
  • S.5. There are storage facilities for athletic sports and other curricular training equipment.


  • I.1. Indoor facilities are constructed with:
    • I.1.1. appropriate flooring;
    • I.1.2. proper lighting and ventilation;
    • I.1.3. safety measures;
    • I.1.4. toilets;
    • I.1.5. functional drinking facilities; and
    • I.1.6. enough chairs.
  • I.2. The constructed outdoor facilities are:
    • I.2.1. free from hazards;
    • I.2.2. suitably surfaced floor;
    • I.2.3. appropriately laid out for a variety of activities;
    • I.2.4. properly maintained and secured; and
    • I.2.5. installed with drainage system.
  • I.3. Assembly, athletic sports and cultural facilities are sufficient and varied to meet the requirements of the institution.
  • I.4. Audio-visual room and facilities with appropriate equipment are utilized in support of the teaching-learning such as but not limited to video/ overhead/ slide projector, sound system, LCD projectors and screens.


  • O.1. Indoor and outdoor facilities are well-equipped and properly maintained.