• S.1 The laboratory layout conforms to acceptable standards (RA 6541-National Building Code of the Philippines/PD 856 “Code of Sanitation of the Philippines) and to particular needs of the Electrical Engineering program. View File
  • S.2. Rooms have lightings conform to the standard requirements of fluorescent bulbs relative to the size of the room. View File
  • S.3. The laboratories are properly lighted and well-ventilated. View File
  • S.4. Each laboratory room has at least two exit doors that open outward. View File
  • S.5. There is a laboratory for shop work for specific technologies. View File
  • S.6. There is a computer laboratory with at least 15 usable computer units and a printer. View File


  • I.1. Furniture/equipment arrangement allows free mobility and enables students to work comfortably without interference. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING LABORATORY
  • I.2. Safety and precautionary measures are implemented. View File
  • I.3. Usable fire extinguishers are accessible to staff and students. View File
  • I.4. Laboratory Operations Manuals for the faculty and students are provided in each laboratory. COPC-List of Equipment 2019
  • I.5. Demonstrations and training are periodically conducted on the proper use of fire extinguishers, first-aid kit and other emergency measures. View File
  • I.6. A well-equiped first-aid kit, charts for antidotes and neutralizing solutions are made available in each laboratory room. View File
  • I.7. A student’s access to a computer is at least 15 hours per term subject. View File
  • I.8. Appropriate laboratories for general subjects are adequately equipped and well-maintained. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING LABORATORY
  • I.9. A well-equpped Multimedia Center is maintained. View File
  • I.10. Gas, water and electricity are utilized for class laboratory activities. View File
  • I.11. A demonstration table, equipped with sink, water, electrical and gas outlets , is utilized. View File
  • I.12. Laboratory equipment, supplies and materials are kept in separate stock rooms. View File


  • O.1. The laboratories and shops are well-equipped, functional and are conducive to learning. View File