• S.1. The canteen/ cafeteria is well-lighted, ventilated, screened and provided with potable water supply .
  • S.2. There are enough:
    • S.2.1. cooking and preparatory equipment;
    • S.2.2. serving tools and utensils;
    • S.2.3. cleaning supplies and materials; and
    • S.2.4. dining tables and chairs.
  • S.3. Wash area and toilets are available.


  • I.1. The institution requires business and sanitary permits for the operation of the Food Center/Cafeteria/Canteen.
  • I.2. Food served is varied, nutritious, safe and sold at affordable price.
  • I.3. The Food Center/Cafeteria/Canteen is well-managed by qualified and competent staff.
  • I.4. Cleanliness and orderliness are enforced.
  • I.5. The food services are prompt.


  • O.1. The Canteen/Cafeteria/Food Center is well-patrionized.
  • O.2. The food services generate income for the institution.