• S.1 The organization structure of the library is well-defined.
  • S.2. The development of the library goals and objectives is the responsibility of the library head and staff with the approval of the Head of the institution.
  • S.3. There is a Library Board/Committee which sets library policies, rules and procedures and periodically reviews them.
  • S.4. There js a duly approved and widely disseminated Library Manual or written policies and procedures covering the library’s internal administration and operation.


  • I.1. The library develops an explicit statement of its goals and objectives in conformity with the mandate of the institution.
  • I.2. The library is administered and supervised by:
    • I.2.1. a full-time professional licensed librarian; and
    • I.2.2. at least a master’s degree holder in MS Library and Information Science or MAEd/MA in Library Science.
  • I.3. The Head Librarian directs and supervises the total operation of the library and is responsible for the administration of its resource and services.
  • I.4. The Head Librarian, preferarbly with an academic rank, actively participates in the academic and administrative activities of the institution.
  • I.5. The annual accomplishments and other reports of the library are prompty submitted to the higher offices concerned.
  • I.6. A Library Development Plan is prepared in consultation with the institution’s officials and stakeholders.


  • O.1. The goals and objectives of the Library are satisfactorily attained.
  • O.2. The library organizational structure is well-designed and effectively implemented.